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Are you looking for a simple way to get paid by your regular customers?< /h2>


Do you need a tool for recording customer orders and let them pay later?


For example: the user Mario Rossi has €32.5 in his electronic wallet and the manager tops up €100



The Electronic Wallet is right for you!


The Electronic Wallet , as know as Digital wallet, is a feature that allows users to have credit available to use to make purchases in your business, directly with their accounts, so on their smartphone, without cash and without a credit card.

This is an optional feature that combines perfectly with SmartTouch Menu® our platform for ordering from table, sun umbrella and hotel room, but also for take away and delivery.

If you want to retain the customers of your restaurant or bar this is the right tool. But it’s also perfect if you have a hotel or a cocktail bar at sea side and you want to charge for drinks only at the end of guess stay.

The Electronic Wallet can be used in two ways


  • The business manager can recharge an amount of virtual money, assigning it to a specific user
  • The user can spend the recharged money by ordering with SmartTouch Menu®
  • It works like a deductible prepaid card
  • A tip! Forget prepaid cards for coffee or lunch. Manage everything digitally with the Electronic Wallet. No losses, no mistakes, no paper.


  • The business manager allows a particular customer to order without paying immediately
  • The orders made are registered in the Electronic Wallet
  • The manager displays all the drinks/foods to be paid (e.g. at the end of the evening / day / stay)
  • The users proceeds to pay in the preferred method
  • A tip!  If you manage a hotel, a village or a seaside resort use the Electronic Wallet to register your drinks and food of your guests and call them back for the balance, at the end of the holiday, quickly and without forgetting.


  • You build customer loyalty

  • Increase your sales

  • Improve the service

  • Reduce errors

  • Eliminate queues and waiting time

  • Digitize your business

  • Reduce commissions fee

You can combine the Electronic Wallet with SmartTouch Menu®  FULL and AD HOC plan or insert it as a function in your Custom Web App.

Contact us now to get all the information on the Electronic Wallet of SmartTouch Menu®


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