Condition of sale and terms of use


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1. Conclusion of contract
The purchase of the product / service as described in the page of the website e-commece involves completion of the purchase agreement between the user of the e-commerce site (hereinafter also referred to as “customer” ) and the company providing Smart Touch Srl (Hereinafter also referred to as “Smart Touch” or supplier company).
Services are provided on servers in the cloud, so you will not provide any storage medium, for installation on computers of third parties or clients.
The conclusion of the contract is concluded with the receipt of payment, after the customer has unconditionally accepted these rules and the terms and conditions of use and the payment in the manner indicated on the website of Smart Touch.
2. Purchase
The purchase includes the license to use the software under the conditions specified in the terms of use, effective from the date of installation or the first access to the administration by the customer, and remain in force for the duration of the contract, except in the case of termination complies with the requirements described in the license agreement.
If the use of the service is necessary electricity and / or internet connection open (including but not limited to the installation of the thermal printer ethernet to be reached by our server in the cloud) these are borne by the customer.
The acquisition also allows access to the personal data of end customers who have used the application Smart Touch Menu, with the right to use them only for statistical purposes and promotion through the features of Smart Touch Menu.
Data access is allowed for the duration of the contract.
Any other use of these and additional personal data is expressly prohibited as detailed art. 8 of these conditions.
The services are considered active for the duration of the contract and / or service offered. After which, if not renewed, you can no longer use them. The information and / or data entered for the services offered (including but not esausutivo menus, descriptions, prices, photos and realtive translations) remain available for the next 30 days after the expiry of the contract, after which SMART TOUCH reserves the right to permanent cancellation without further notice and without the possibility of recovery.
The service SMART TOUCH, all types (telephone, electronically or by fax) is however only valid for the year following the purchase of the license during opening hours (9h30-13h00 / 15h00-18h30) from Monday to Friday.
3. Update Service
The purchase of the license allows you to benefit from the update service. This service includes the upgrade of the product and related documentation, as well as support for a year. The rate of the update depends on the version of the Software originally purchased. The update does not include the update service and translation of information and photos of the menu of the client, which is required to update the information and photos independently through access to the back office (administrative panel) or the purchase of a package / update service.
4. Rates
The fees charged to this contract may be modified unilaterally by Smart Touch for subsequent years by notice in writing with a notice of thirty days (30) and will be deemed accepted by the buyer in the event of silence.

5. Payment and penalties for late payment
The payment of the amounts due is done with traditional payments or through platform Arrange them on the site via cryptographic protocols that provide secure communication, in collaboration with the service Pay Pal whose conditions of use may be consulted.
All amounts due will be due and must be paid, as of the date of invoice for the supply of the Software and the Service. All amounts not paid at maturity will result in the calculation of interest on late payments.
6. Delivery.
If the purchase includes the delivery of material goods that will be made by express courier. Delivery is in a 3 or 4 working days, unless uncomfortable place, since the courier collects the goods at the warehouse is Smart Touch. If the asset is to be configured and / or customized processing can take up to 15 days before being delivered to the carrier.
The customer has the obligation to immediately report the presence of faults and defects of the goods delivered. In case of tampering and / or breaks, will immediately challenge the shipment and / or delivery.
7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.
The law applicable to this contract is Italian and the jurisdiction for any dispute is to Busto Arsizio with the express exclusion of any further hole.
8. Processing of third party data and privacy.
The buyer is informed that the use of the service Smart Touch Menu you access to personal data of end customers, with the right of use for the sole purpose of statistics and promotion through the features of Smart Touch Menu.
All other uses and further of this data is expressly prohibited because not authorized by the owner of the data and not allowed by Smart Touch.
Therefore, any use of personal data to third parties does not comply with this Regulation exempts Smart Touch any liability and exposes the violator to respond in every seat directly to owners of personal data.


For further important information on privacy regulations, see the page privacy policy

  1. Terms of service

The terms of service are available on the page of the terms of service