How much do you spend for take-away and home delivery orders?

ZERO constraints,
ZERO commissions

Your customers also order from home and from the office, you receive the orders thanks to a single and simple management tool: the original SmartTouch Menu®. You will pay a flat and convenient price regardless of how many orders you receive and how many customers you have: the price does not change. We help you grow your real business and manage your customers’ orders as you prefer.

Savings on order commissions

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Simple and complete management

Opening and closing times
Automatic time slots of 10, 15 … 60 minutes
Preparation and delivery time
Accept/reject orders
Electronic payments (PayPal® / Credit cards)

moreover reduce the number of errors at the telephone order taking or via messages…

SmartTouch Menu® Web Order

Just a link

Customers connect to the online menu created with SmartTouch Menu® and order When the order is ready, they will receive an email notification

Just 1 click

Order also from pc and Mac

with the button for your website, for Facebook and for WhatsApp

What is needed?

To receive orders you just need to SmartTouch Menu®

options and accessories


SmartTouch Menu

From: 0,00 + vat / year

Thermal printer and router mAP2n

da 259€ + iva
With SmartTouch Menu thermal printer the orders from

take-away / home delivery stickers

30,00130,00 + vat
Ready to go! Pack of recycled PVC stickers for

In case of order management, you need SmartTouch Menu®! #iostoconiristoratori

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