Digital menu, orders and payments

for the school of the future

Ordering and paying for snacks at school is easier and faster

The suppliers and distributors of fresh snacks and the bar managers of schools can better organize the receipt of orders, taking advantage of the technology of

The modern and professional solution that allows students to view the digital menu and place orders and payments for snacks (pizzas, focaccia, sandwiches, sweets, fruit,…) directly with their smartphone, from the comfort of home and from school, the day before and until the time set by the snack supplier.

Eliminate errors in order transmission and money collection and offer the school a simple and efficient service.

Students no longer have to move and line up at breaks to buy snacks. No more “snack lists” or money collection from a class contact person. No more queues, waiting and dead times.

How do I order with SmartTouch Menu® at school?

menù digitale gratis

The breaktime snack can be booked via the App and Web App, from a smartphone, tablet or PC and without the need to download the application.

The service managers define the day and time slot in which they wish to receive orders with SmartTouch Menu®. Students or their parents place the order by downloading the SmartTouch Menu® App (from the App Store or Google Play) or orders can also be made without downloading the App, using the link provided directly.

Orders arrive already divided by class. In this way, those who supply the snacks are facilitated in their work, they will be able to view them on video (on tablets, PCs/Macs, smartphones). A convenient system also for districts that include several school complexes.

The payments can be made in advance, at the time of the order, with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard/Maetro, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc…)

You can also enable the rechargeable electronic wallet function, which allows you to scale the order price without circulating cash.

Benefits for managers

of school cafeterias and school snack suppliers

Reduce drastically queues and errors for orders and payments

View orders on screen or printe them

Know how many and which snacks to prepare

Plan in which class to deliver orders

Optimize your work = less costs

Don’t waste food = more ecological and always lower costs

Monitor your sales with the statistics function

Offer an innovative service in schools

Stand out from the competitors

Meet the needs of parents and students

Using SmartTouch Menu® in your school

What do you get?

  • Avoid queues, waits, language barriers

  • You facilitate the work of the staff

  • Increases in consumption and average sales

  • Reduce cash with electronic payments (cashless)

  • Eliminate errors and misunderstandings

  • You have the consumption bill with the Electronic Wallet

In addition…

  • Inform yourself about news from the menu and promotions

  • You are renewed with a digital novelty

  • Check your sales with the statistics function

  • Update the menu yourself

  • You are supported by our assistance

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SmartTouch Menu® as a teaching tool

Are you a hotel management institute or do you work in catering education?

If you are a hotel institute, we are at your side to introduce students to the new digital method used in bars, restaurants and hotels to order and pay.

You can place SmartTouch Menu® in your school, as a didactic tool. Students will use it both to order snacks at the teaching bar, and to receive and manage orders, as producers and suppliers of the same snacks.

In this case, there is a 50% discount on subscriptions to SmartTouch Menu® and we offer free remote meetings, to explore the advantages of using new technologies in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector with students.

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