The snack at school starts again with Smarttouch Menu®

ordina la merenda a scuola con l'App
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Our App, already introduced in some schools,  allows suppliers of snacks for the mid-morning break to continue their supply in a safe, orderly and respectful way of the anti-Covid-19 rules.


ordina la merenda a scuola con l'App


The new Coronavirus provisions have also affected school catering. Not only in the canteen and catering sector, but also in that niche that deals with distribution of fresh snacks in schools of various levels.

Covid: difficulties for the snack service in schools


The suppliers of snacks and managers of bars inside schools have been forced to reinvent the organization of your business.

With the students who can no longer move during the interval, the possibility of direct purchases at the school cafeteria or of stand in line to buy pizzas, focaccias, sandwiches and unpackaged sweets. For those who had a contract for the distribution of snacks this was a big problem.

Smarttouch Menu® has put itself at the service of schools, with its technology, for revolutionizing snack management.

No more “snack lists” or collecting money from a classroom contact person. No more queues, waiting, downtime.

Today the snack for recess can be booked via the App, quickly and simply.

The service managers define the day and time slot for receiving pre-orders via the App. The students, or their parents, download the App for free Smarttouch Menu® (on the App Store or Google Play) and order a snack.

Orders arrive already divided by class, thanks to the QR code to be framed during the ordering phase, which identifies each individual section. The system is therefore also convenient for districts that include several school complexes.

payments can also be made directly via App, with PayPal or credit cards.


 Order a snack at school with the SmartTouch Menu App


Benefits for suppliers and the environment


The organization of the snack break, for the suppliers of the same, is much improved thanks to technology.

Faster and neater. But also more precise. With the pre-order you already know in advance exactly how many and which snacks to prepare. Waste is eliminated and students are more satisfied, because they will no longer have to settle for choosing among the remaining snacks.

Furthermore, with the statistics function it will be possible to quickly see the sales trend and view the most requested products. In this way it will be possible to forecasts on future requests and also better organize the purchases of raw materials, for the production of these fresh foods.

Difficult moments are used to improve us. The phrase “We’ve always done it this way” can be dangerous, because it prevents us from finding more valid alternatives.

Today to survive you need to look at things from a different perspective. Which is often better than the one we knew.


Do you manage the snack distribution service at a school? Are you a supplier of buns, pizzas and sweets for breaks in schools? Do you manage a bar within a school?

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