Simple for customers, simple for managers

See how it works

Orders on the premises, and for take-away / delivery

comande digitali dal tavolo


if the customer is on site use the [Read QR Code] button
if you are at home use the link or the [Explore stores] button

QR codes are unique to avoid errors

menù digitale gratis


the logo and menu of your business appear on the smartphone translated into the correct language, the customer chooses from the menu and orders


receive the order on tablet / PC / smartphone,
on the thermal printer,
or directly at the checkout

depending on configuration

Control panel

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Management via tablet/PC
Intuitive interface
Immediate menu update

Dishes of the day
Simple and intuitive use
Variants and modular menus

Large image archive at your disposal

I use stock or custom images
Easy insertion and search
Detailed information

SmartTouch Live

Order management with
tablet/PC and
thermal printer

Order management with multiple tablets/printers
Immediate update
Multiple production and printing departments

Real-time statistics
Sales analysis
Effective promotions

Sales detail by department
Consultation via web (tablet/PC and smartphone)
Aggregation by amount, quantity, orders, service shifts
Automatic and intuitive filters

Customers consult the menu and order with their smartphone

with [Read QR Code] they frame the QR code they find at the table or under an umbrella, when they are at your business. They avoid the queue

with [Explore Stores] they can order a takeaway or a home delivery if they are at home instead.

customers find the best venues

and they consult the menu and promotions even from home

Customers accumulate points and discounts

on the venue’s loyalty card

customers share on social networks

the place, the dishes and the promotions that were liked

contact request

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The quality of the information that end users find with our App is very important to us, for this reason we ask for the real data of the business activities that use SmartTouch Menu.

We want to be transparent! We write how much you will pay at the end of the free period.
We remind you that you have no obligation to renew or subscribe at the end of the trial period, no credit card will be required to take advantage of a promotional or free activation. Of course, we will do our best to support you in the hope that you will continue to use SmartTouch Menu even after the promotional period.

SmartTouch Menu is not a system, nor a tax cash register, the optional thermal printers that are connected issue non-fiscal receipts. However, it is possible to configure SmartTouch Menu with the interface to a smart cash register system which is generally connected to a fiscal printer

Yes, of course, you can upload your product images from the control panel. However, consider that we provide a large repertoire that is always updated with images of products in common use or that can be useful for many businesses.

QR codes are not essential for home delivery (Delivery) and take-away (Take-away) functionality but they can be useful to facilitate the selection of the location and easily store it in a “favorites list”. Once this operation is done, it is no longer necessary to scan the QR code. Typically this type of QR code requires advance payment with PayPal for example.

In general, the codes are used by our system to uniquely locate the table and therefore the business from which the order originated. The QR codes are all unique, so table 1 (umbrella, room) of a certain establishment is unique in the world, as is table 2 etc… Users must scan the unique QR code to order. They do not have to install any other App, because the reader is already inserted in the SmartTouch Menu. This operation eliminates the user error of selecting the wrong table (umbrella, room). For orders from the table, from the beach and from the room, QR codes are recommended.

It is possible to download the QR Codes also in PDF format ready to be used from the control panel, they are ready to print. It is also possible to create new QR Codes independently. If you want, we can sell ready-made QR Codes in various formats and sizes: stickers, plexiglass, PVC etc …

No, it is not essential. Orders can also be received from the “LIVE” section of the control panel or, if you have the interface with your cashier system, it will arrive directly in the cashier. For professional use, many of our customers find the printer more convenient.

The router is necessary to be able to control the thermal printer or printers. If you want to connect SmartTouch Menu with a thermal printer you need our router. If SmartTouch Menu is interfaced with a compatible cash system, a router is not required.

Our router and the printer+router kit can be connected:

  • with a network cable (Ethernet) to an available port on the connectivity modem, typically xDSL
  • via WiFi (you must enter the name and password of the WiFi network)
  • with a USB stick (Data Card)

The installation is very simple and no user-side configuration is required for installation with the cable, for WiFi you need to enter the name of your network and the password. However, you will be guided by telephone and the devices arrive already configured and ready for use.

You can always contact our support before and after purchase if you have any doubts.

If SmartTouch Menu is connected to a compatible cash system, it is the latter that takes care of the printing. Otherwise, all versions of SmartTouch Menu can immediately print a command: a printer is required, a LAN network interface (recommended via Ethernet cable, in some cases WiFi is also possible) and compatible with the ESC/POS protocol. In this case we will only need our router connected to the internet to drive the printing. The printer configuration parameters are given in the documentation, possibly technical support will also be able to give indications but if the printer was not purchased from us they cannot carry out this operation.

If in doubt, you can contact our customer service before purchasing.

You can publish (or make invisible) your exercise and menu at any time from the control panel by clicking the exercise > publication and choose the options with/without menu, with/without prices etc…

If you need support request to be contacted

The menu is published immediately when you want it: you are in control. It is possible to modify products, prices, categories, images and promotions at any time and in complete autonomy. Obviously our support is available in case of difficulty.

In the configuration it is possible to specify a time up to 7 days in advance of the delivery or collection day and time.

Yes it is essential to provide an internet connection. No, we are not connectivity providers, therefore no connectivity is included in the service. The internet line must be requested from a national telephone operator. If you do not have a fixed ADSL or VDLS connectivity (in the case, for example, of seasonal businesses) you can use a SIM card with an internet key like the one you find in our shop. As far as data consumption is concerned, it varies according to use, so it is difficult to evaluate it in advance. We can say that generally the data traffic of our modest service and 2Gb / month are sufficient in the vast majority of our customers who also have several orders. If in doubt you can contact our customer service before purchasing.

The manager independently inserts his own menu and proceeds with the translation. Our technicians are available to provide support if necessary. However, this is a simple operation that can take from a few minutes to one or two hours, depending on the number of items on your menu.

For systems that provide an interface between SmartTouch Menu and the cash register system, it is possible to synchronize (and therefore also import) the menu and prices from the latter. From our panel it will then be possible to enrich with photos, descriptions and translations.

We also provide a professional translation service in 14 languages at a very affordable price, contact us!

In this page you will find the differences between the two solutions. If in doubt, you can contact our customer support before purchasing.
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