Looking for the App for your Sushi restaurant All You Can Eat?


SmartTouch Sushi adds important new features!

I clienti ordinano con smarpthone e tablet

tu configuri le regole e le limitazioni in base al numero di persone/coperti al tavolo


SmartTouch Sushi
SmartTouch Sushi

Reduce waste of unconsumed products

limits the maximum number of products that can be ordered


You optimize the work of the waiters

set the minimum number of products that can be ordered each time


SmartTouch Sushi
SmartTouch Sushi

You set your own rules

based on the number of people and place settings at the table on some “special” dishes

Protect with a security PIN

the rules can only be reset by staff


SmartTouch Sushi

Don’t you think it’s time to offer something new?


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